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Sea Transport

We understand the needs of our customers first and produce creative solutions in line with their needs in maritime transportation. We know that it is not enough to do well for success while doing the transportation business with passion, and we always aim to take our industry standards one step further. Our main goal is to provide the best and fastest service to our valued customers.


Today, where transit time is undeniably important in transportation, Roadway Logistics offers the advantages of air transportation to its customers with all its possibilities. It has the infrastructure and experience to carry out your import/export shipments from/to all airports in the world.

Road Transport

Road Transport, which is one of the most common and preferred transportation methods in the world, is becoming more preferred with its high service understanding and customer-specific applications. Roadway Logistics can carry out road transport both internationally and within the borders of the country within the scope of the legal frameworks set by the state.

Road Transport

Partial Transportation

Complete Transport

Air Freight

Intermodel Transportation

Transport Insurance

Sea Transport

Multimodel Transportation

Multimodel Transportation

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

We are a logistics company where you can get road, rail and open cargo maritime services under one roof. We can answer you in 7 different languages ​​from a single center.

As Roadway, we enable you to choose the most suitable one among road, rail or integrated transportation methods, taking into account the demands of our customers and product details, with our knowledge gained over the years in the logistics industry.

As Roadway, we manage all processes from order to delivery in a transparent manner and provide regular and accurate information to our customers. In your international road transports, we share with you the location information of the vehicle you are carrying on a regular basis every day. In addition, we are at your service 24/7 so that you can reach our operation specialists via e-mail and/or phone whenever you want.

As Road Logistics, we provide complete and partial transportation services.

Yeah. We have R2 Authorization Certificate for use in international transportation. In addition, we have business partnerships with authorized agencies for all types of transportation.

Roadway Logistics offers its logistics services beyond Turkey. We offer international road transport, international rail transport, domestic distribution, project transport services. We provide you with ease of supply with our solution partners for your insurance needs.

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